Bed Linens

St.Geneve Bed Linens

St. Geneve began as a small family business and has established itself in the Canadian and American markets. St. Geneve bed lines are designed and made in Canada using the highest quality fabrics – meticulously crafted, exclusive and exquisite.


St. Geneve bed linens are backed by their commitment to provide the highest standard of luxury bed linens.


A member of the Downmark – the Canadian Down Association, St. Geneve has been active in many of its initiatives. 


SDH Bed Linens

For more than 25 years, SDH Fine European Linens has been recognized worldwide as an industry leader in creating environmentally conscious luxury bedding. From superior textiles and innovative designs to old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail, SDH has an unwavering commitment to providing timeless style, impeccable quality and lasting comfort. Every produce that bears the SDH name is backed with passion, knowledge and integrity.


Edmonton, AB