Sheets and Pillowcases

Thread count is only a part of the equation of quality cotton sheeting. This type of cotton used is extremely important. Egyptian cotton is acknowledged to be the finest cotton in the world as Italy is renowned for their long-standing tradition of weaving. Egyptian cotton fibers are longer and stronger than other types of cotton, so when you see 100% Egyptian cotton you know this is the highest quality.


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Woven in Italy with 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. 300 thread count. Available in 100 colours. Shown in sable 476.

  • Allegro

  • Bellino

  • Camille

  • Cozi

  • Giovani

  • Lansdowne

  • Nico

  • Regalia

  • Regency

  • Serenity Pillowcases

  • Venice


Edmonton, AB